7 Creative Fruit Salad Recipes

Despite knowing the numerous benefits of fruit, we never seem to be consuming them as much as we should actually do. The reason for this could be that we either do not develop the taste of a certain fruit or that it isn’t tempting enough when compared to the yummy and creamy desserts. Well, just because you have decided to consume fruit doesn’t mean that you have to keep it boring. In fact, the only way to make a tempting taste out of any food item is just to use your mind and think out of the box. These seven recipes are a perfect example of admirable creativity with food that gives you a delicious taste along with great health benefits.

Honeydew Melon, Black Currant, and sheep cheese salad

This combination guarantees to produce an amazing taste that perfectly balances both sweet and savory. The fruit is usually eaten just the way it is, but when you will use it to make this delicious salad, you will surely want to have more and more of it with every bite.

Persimmon Pomegranate Salad

We all are aware (or might not be) of some fruits that have been present for ages but never really got the attention that they deserve. To name one, Persimmon would be one of them. Now, if you are thinking about trying it then make sure you eat it by making this salad first because that would multiply the taste.

Quinoa Fruit Salad

Quinoa is not a new fruit to all the health conscious people who at some point in their life went on a little diet. This fruit is an amazing addition to any type of diet but having it in the form of this salad will further elevate the taste. In addition to Quinoa, it has blueberries, strawberries, and mango all topped with a juicy honey lime dressing.

Blackberry-Asian pear salad with blackberry-earl gray sauce

This is probably one of the most fancy fruit salads that you will ever come across. Blackberries and Asian pears alone combine to make a mouthwatering combo but to top it off, and the earl gray sauce is something that perfects it and makes the experience complete.

Avocado fruit salad

People who like eating avocado just the way it is will fall in deeper love with it once they have this amazing fruit salad. This salad has oranges, watermelon, and cantaloupe along with avocado to give this amazing food experience.

Tomato-Peach salad

Who would have thought that tomatoes, peaches, and tofu can make something as delicious as this recipe? The combination at first doesn’t feel tasty, but once you make it, the outcome will surely pay off the time and effort you put in preparing it; do try!

Banana cheesecake-watermelon pizza

Done be fooled by the name because this isn’t an actual pizza, the recipe is yet another product of a creative mind. It has watermelon, bananas, strawberries and the cheesecake flavor to give it a saucy effect.


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Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Dwayne Johnson"Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is a popular WWF wrestling champion. He has won several championship titles and many wrestling matches. His fans are always excited to know his secret that has helped him in winning so many world championships. This excitement grows bigger after Dwayne has made his appearance in the Hollywood production, Hercules. Along with his amazing performance, it was his great muscular body and attractive looks that enabled the audience to drop their jaws while watching the movie. Finally, Johnson has revealed how he has been able to get the skin stretching muscles for his debut in Hollywood and how he has been able to maintain his regimen on the wrestling championships.  He revealed that he has been relying on two great supplements which have helped him in getting the perfect muscles and great power that made him successful in wrestling as well as in Hollywood.

Testosterone booster for high performance

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Body transitioning supplement

Another supplement used by Dwayne is nitric oxide. You must be thinking that nitric oxide is a laughing gas used for commercial use then how it is useful in muscle boosting. Well, the human body also produces nitric oxide in small quantities which is responsible for dilating the blood vessels and promoting the improved flow of blood and nutrients in different parts of the body. When each and every part of your body receives the nutrients it promotes the growth of muscles. Nitric oxide is useful in enhancing the signal between brain and muscles which make the muscles to work in a better way. It also reduces the recovery time and allows the muscle cells to heal faster. Dwayne has taken advantage of this supplement because he did not want to waste the time in healing the muscles naturally.

Using supplements in the right way

It is a fact that it takes no time in the launch of products with similar name and labeling, especially when it is related to any celebrity. If you are going to buy Dwayne’s supplements look for the reliable brand to buy the quality supplement. In addition to this, Dwayne has focused on his diet and workout to optimize the results of testosterone and nitric oxide supplement.